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Northern Belize's unique fusion of cultures epitomizes the Belizean trend of district-to-district diversity. Bounded by the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in the north and the Belize District in the south, northern Belize's influx of travelers and permanent residents combine to make this region the melting pot of the country.

Mestizo and Mayan dancers
Mestizo and Mayan Dancers from Northern Belize

English and the Creole dialect remain the most common languages, but Spanish is widely spoken by residents of the northern districts. Because of its close proximity to the southeastern Mexican frontier, the Corozal district in particular maintains a strong Spanish and Mayan influence. More to the interior of the country, as in the Orange Walk District, English still is the primary spoken language but the acculturated Maya maintain a preference for Spanish. The Garifuna, Mayans and Mennonites that also reside in the area speak their own language.

Mestizo workers in back of Mennonite pick up
Mestizo Workers in Back of Mennonite Pickup

Use the links below to explore the different cultures of northern Belize:

  • Mestizos - Northern Belize is home to the largest Mestizo population in Belize.
  • Mayans - Persisting over thousands of years of wars, natural disasters, colonialism, imperialism, and inner conflicts, the Mayans continue to thrive in Belize as the only indigenous people in the country.
  • Mennonites - Perhaps the least understood, although most conspicuous, population of Belize, the Mennonites hold fast to their culture and strict beliefs while continuing to assist the commerce, carpentry, engineering, and agriculture industries of Belize.
  • Others - Learn about the Creoles, Chinese, East Indians, Americans and Europeans that live in the region.
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