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Nestled beside 176 miles of continuous reef, Belize easily reigns supreme as the top diving destination in the northern hemisphere. Every species of Caribbean coral grows in its offshore waters: elkhorn, staghorn, pillar, brain, and lettuce leaf coral to name a few. Thousands of fish and reef creatures mingle amongst the coral cities and brazenly approach divers and snorklers. The underwater world in Belize is an interactive experience that educates and fascinates both the novice and professional diver.

While most diving in northern Belize is based on either Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker, snorkeling at Bacalar Chico is easily done out of Sarteneja or Corozal. The Boca Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve has become a major destination since the region became a protected area. The Belize Fisheries Department supports controlled tourism activity in the park while concomitantly promoting the education of fisheries management and preserving the ecological integrity of the diverse habitat. Most arranged tours include snorkeling or diving trips to this area.

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