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The Commercial Free Zone Act OF 1994 has established a Commercial Free Zone (CFZ) at Corozal to attract foreign investment. The Free Zone Act is one of the most advanced and modern laws governing Free Zones. It allows business entrepreneurs incredible Tax Free business opportunities.

Sign to entrance to CFZ
Sign to entrance to CFZ

Belize's legislation defines an EPZ as being "a geographic area in Belize designated outside national customs territory and duly restricted by controlled access, wherein the benefits created shall apply to a complex of industries."

Stores in the Free Zone
Stores in the Free Zone

Merchandize warehoused in a CFZ may be sold wholesale or retail:

  • To diplomats of other countries
  • To ships that dock at ports in Belize
  • For direct export whether by sea, air or land
  • Entry into national customs territory

The CFZ sits at the South Eastern border with Mexico. Currently, businesses in the zone are manufacturing, importing, exporting, distributing fuel, retailing and offering various services to Mexicans and international clients.

Gas station in the Commercial Free Zone
Gas station in the Commercial Free Zone

The Corozal Commercial Free Zone is managed by the Commercial Free Zone Management Agency (CFZMA). The CFZMA, headed by a Chief Executive Officer under a Board of Directors, is based in the Zone.

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