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Belizean agriculture also includes livestock. In the last few decades the country has become self-sufficient in beef, pork, poultry and eggs. Beef cattle are important for the economy of Orange Walk.

Cattle Ranch in Corozal
Cattle Ranch in Orangewalk

The Mennonites are the largest and most efficient farmers in Belize. They supply Belize with 90 per cent of its poultry and eggs.

Chicken processing plant, Orangewalk
Chicken processing Plant

They produce a wide variety of dairy products and also grow a large portion of corn, rice, beans and animal feed. Mennonites live communally and pool their resources to farm, which makes it easier to buy equipment and reduce risks.

Milking family cow on a mennonite farm
Milking Family Cow on a Mennonite Farm

Small farms grow rice, corn, beans, vegetables, bananas, plantain, citrus, sugarcane and fruit. They also raise cattle, pigs, poultry and bees. Usually they are owned by families who also do all the work. They take care of all aspects of the farm, from seeding the crop to selling it at the market.

Cowboys caring for livestock before the storm
Belizean Cowboys Caring for Livestock during an Approaching Storm

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