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Tourism in Belize is the largest single contributor to Belize's economic growth. It represents 18% of the GDP, 25% of total foriegn exchange earnings and supports 1 in every 4 jobs. It is also the fastest growing industry in Belize.

Chan Chich Jungle Lodge
Chan Chich Jungle Lodge

While Northern Belize is not a priority destination for most visitors, it has much to offer including nature reserves, Maya cities, and jungle lodges--not to mention numerous outdoor adventures such as birdwatching, fishing or horseback riding.

Horse back riding at Hill Bank
Horseback riding on a cattle ranch

The relative lack of attention the North receives when compared to other regions of the country is often a plus - better prices, less crowded and more pristine environments to expereince.

Canoeing pristine creeks and streams
Canoeing pristine creeks and streams

This growth in tourism has only begun to affect the North of the country. For example in the last two decades, the growth of tourism has made fishing less important to the local economy. Many people who used to fish for a living now use their boats for tourist-based activities.

Fishermen are now taking tourist out to see the sites
Fishermen transformed into tour guides

New services to support the growth of tourism spring up on a regular basis. Restaurants, newly discovered attractions, cultural presentations and lodging are constantly being added to the industry's inventory. The visitor to Northern Belize would do well to research what is new and available prior to his trip.

Fly fishing at sunrise
Fly fishing at sunrise

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