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Time Line of Maya Cultural Events in Northern Belize
15000-7000 B.C. First human habitation of Belize. Nomadic Indians hunt and scavange along coastal and savana areas. Richmond Hill site established.
3000-2000 B.C. Evidence of plant domestication by early settlers near Pulltrouser Swamp and San Antonio Village, Orange Walk
1500-1000 B.C. Earliest evidence for actual Maya settlements at Cuello, Santa Rita and Colha in northern Belize
600-100 B.C. Increasing contact/trade between Belize Maya settlements and Olmec civilization
100-700 A.D. Construction of large temple pyramids at Lamanai and Cerros. Maya civilization fully established throughout region.
700-1200 A.D. Decline of many Maya cities in northern Belize while Lamanai and Santa Rita still thrive.
1200-1400 A.D. Increasing relations between Maya cities in Belize and northern Yucatan powers. Murals at Santa Rita (Corozal) created.
1502 A.D. First contact between Spanish and Maya in the Bay of Honduras.
1511-1519 A.D. Shipwrecked Spaniards land on coast of Yucatan. Spaniard Gonzalo Guerrero marries daughter of Nachan Can, ruler of ancient Chetumal (Santa Rita).
1550-1650 A.D. Spanish begin missionary activities in Belize and construct church at Lamanai.
1697 A.D. Last independent Maya kingdom, Tah Itza (Flores, Peten) falls under Spanish control. Several small villages in Belize continue to exist independently.

Adapted from National Tour Guide Training Program Manual - 2001
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