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Four Mile Lagoon empties into the Rio Hondo just before the river empties into Chetumal Bay south of the Mexican border. This relatively undiscovered body of water has two locations to enjoy the lush scenery.

Location of 4 Mile Lagoon

Lagoon Campground

This campground is perhaps the best RV park in Belize. The land is spacious and clean, with many tall trees providing cool shade for your vehicle, tent, or picnic table. Lagoon Campground on 4 Mile lagoonThe lagoon is great for canoeing.

The owner, a U.S. expat, built the campground and his house himself over a number of years. The park is equipped with water, sewer and electricity for RVs and trailers. The park also provides shower facilities.

Prices as of 2002 are US$5/night and US$25/week, RVs US$15/night and US$90/week. The campground has an entrance fee of $2 for day visits.


Kishpanha - a great place for swimming and relaxation - resembles a theme park with the lagoon as the main attraction. This popular place is ideal for group trips and swarms with activity during the holidays. Open for four years, the entrance fee as of 2002 was only $1BZ per person.


A parking lot, football field, and volleyball court sit at the entrance of this fenced in property. In the center of the property sits a large cement building perfect for small conferences. Because the buiding is open in the middle, it receives constant sea breeze ventilation. KishpanhaFood and drinks are sold here and four restrooms are available for public use.

Beyond the central building lies a small, clean, sandy beach, surrounded by a cement sea wall. Palapas line the beach, providing privacy for groups and one cabana is available for rent at $25BZ per person. Swing sets on the beach and a miniature swimming hole accomodate the kids. Paddle boats and canoes are also available for rent for $5/hr. Cool breezes contiually circulate through the park and make this spot a hidden treasure awaiting your exploration.

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