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La Barra Cedar Beach is located north of Chunox Village, just across from Copper Bank at the tip of a peninsula extending into Lowry's Bight. Location of La Barra Cedar Beach La Barra Cedar beach is a clean and well-manicured area perfect for private swimming and picnicking. Long term plans for the site include a retirement community and a nature reserve. For now, the site is still secluded and undeveloped.

Historical remains of old magistrates court

The remains of an old logwood town founded by Captain James Lowry (the bight's namesake) lie within the property. Visitors can check out the foundations of the original magistrate court built to dispense justice in the new colony before Corozal Town existed.

La Barra Cedar Beach
La Barra Cedar Beach

The owner allows free access. Contact Regino Gonzalez at 614-8714 or visit Lenny's Shopping Center in Chunox (a green building on the southside of the sports field) for the keys to the gate.

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