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Compared with other Mayan sites in the area, Cerros suffered in early decline sometime after 250 A.D. Possibly abandoned due to the economic growth of the inland cities, Cerros served as an important jade and obsidian trading center during its heyday from 400 B.C. to 100 A.D.

Walkway from Visitor Center to Temples
Walkway from Visitor Center to Temples
Entrance to Cerros Site and Visitor Center
Entrance to Cerros Site and Visitor Center

Although now partially underwater, Cerros covers fifty-three hillside acres beside the Bay of Chetumal. Accompanied by two ball courts and a pyramid cluster within a central plaza, the main temple rises sixty-four feet above ground level. Stuccoes and painted masks still visible through years of erosion show representations of the sun and Venus. An ancient canal system utilized for terraced agriculture encircles the site.

First Temple built at Cerros, Structure 5
Structure 5, First Temple Built at Cerros
View from top of Structure 5
View from top of Structure 5, the Town of Corozal is in the Distance

Because Cerros is a waterfront destination, it is best accessed by boat via the New River. A pedestrian and auto ferry carries visitors across the river for free between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. every day. From the ferry, cars and visitors disembark five and a half miles to Progresso Village and Cerros.

View from Structure 5
Panoramic View from Structure 5
Without a car, guests can hitch a ride from here on a bus from Orange Walk to Progressive and Cerros. To access the ferry, take the Northern Highway fifty-five miles from Corozal Town to Orange Walk Town. The ferry landing sits two and a half miles inland. A faster, though more expensive, route is by boat from Corozal Town. By boat, the trip will take fifteen minutes.

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