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The urban areas of northern Belize punctuate its primarily rural setting and reflect the cultural diversity within Belize. Organized, clean, and friendly, the towns and villages in the Corozal and Orange Walk District often charm unsuspecting visitors. Whether planning a trip or just passing through, you'll undoubtedly spend more time than anticipated exploring the towns and the many surrounding attractions. We warned you!!


Corozal Town, the largest town of the quiet, bucolic Corozal District, exemplifies the cultural and economic transformation the region has undergone over the past 4000 years.

Corozal Town Waterfront
Corozal Town Waterfront
Originally a refuge for Maya and mestizos fleeing the Caste Wars of southern Mexico, Corozal Town still provides a safe haven for travelers en route to destinations in Belize and beyond.

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TOWNS & VILLAGES > Orange Walk Town

With a population approaching 20,000, Orange Walk is easily the most populated town in the north, yet visitors to Belize rarely visit the district or town.

Walls of Fort Barlee
Wall of Fort Barlee
Although the town has received little attention, some of the best archaeological sites in the country lie in the surrounding areas and the balmy tropical climate and fertile soils make the area a naturalist's paradise.

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TOWNS & VILLAGES > Sarteneja

Although vulnerable to hurricanes, the northern tip of the Shipstern Peninsula (also called the Sarteneja Peninsula) has remained populated and prosperous for thousands of years.

View from Fernando's Seaside Guesthouse in Sarteneja
View from Fernando's Seaside Guesthouse in Sarteneja
Sarteneja village's Mayan name translates to "water between the rocks," referring to a massive piece of stone within the village. Although the village itself has been rebuilt several times, this giant slab has persevered and served as a freshwater source throughout the area's geological history. Legend has it that this well has never run dry.

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TOWNS & VILLAGES > Copper Bank

In the small coastal community of Copper Bank, worries have long since been eradicated. The community's 500 residents are sometimes lost among the vibrant orchids, lime, avocado, orange, papaya, banana, and tangerine trees.

The Dock at Copper Bank
The Dock at Copper Bank
Set along the Laguna Sea, only forty-five minutes separates the shoreline from Chetumal, Mexico (half an hour by boat). Although few tourists visit Copper Bank, few other localities in Belize and beyond offer a more relaxed natural setting by the sea.

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Mennonite settlements do not generally attract tourists, but Blue Creek has modernized that common perception. Visitors to Blue Creek sometimes rub their eyes in disbelief that they are actually still in Belize.

View of Northern Plains from Escarpment of Blue Creek
View of Northern Plains from Escarpment of Blue Creek
Supporting the border-to-border diversity found throughout Belize, Blue Creek fascinates curious travelers keen to experience a lifestyle (almost definitely) different from their own.

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